Limerick Solar supply and install domestic solar water heating systems in the Limerick area

Why consider solar water heating now?

  • Solar panels and the associated control equipment are better value for money than ever before
  • Installation of solar panels, and other energy efficiency measures, will improve your position for current and future energy efficiency directives, such as the BER (Building Energy Rating) and carbon taxes (introduced in December 2009).
  • The Irish Government, through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, offers a financial incentive through the Better Energy Homes scheme; this replaces the Greener Home Scheme.
  • Despite some short-term volatility (and a medium term decline), fuel prices are likely to rise┬árelentlessly in the long term, see Peak Oil
  • Concerns about Global Warming are a driver for energy efficiency measures, see Climate Change

What will solar panels do for me?

Solar panels heat your hot water. In summer there should be little or no need for alternative heating, typically provided – expensively – by an electric immersion heater when the main heating boiler is off. At any time of year solar panels will preheat the water, which reduces the cost of the alternative water heating. Although solar panels obviously work best in direct sunlight, they will heat water any time it is reasonably bright. Overall, a correctly sized solar panel will supply at least half of your hot water.

Solar panels to heat water (known technically as solar thermal) are a completely different technology to solar panels designed to generate electricity, known technically as PV i.e. Photo-Voltaic; currently, Ireland has poor Feed in Tariffs (payment for domestically generated power), which is preventing development of this sector.

What can Limerick Solar do for me?

We will visit your house, discuss your requirements and give you a quotation. If you want to proceed, we will then supply all the components you need and install your system. Installation normally takes a few days.

If you already have a solar water heating system and it is not operating correctly please contact us; most problems can be fixed relatively easily

Qualifications, Affiliations & Insurance

  • Registered Installer with SEAI, Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland
  • FETAC accredited: Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems

Last updated: May 2018