• General Information: Isn’t Ireland too cloudy for solar panels? / Can solar be used for space heating? / Do I need planning permission for solar panels? / Is any maintenance required?
  • Solar Panels: What type of solar panels do we use? / How should the solar panel be oriented? / What size of solar panel is needed? / How does a solar panel work?
  • Hot Water Cylinder: What type of hot water cylinder is used? / What size of hot cylinder is advised? / What type of water circulation system is advised? / What about Legionnaires Disease?
  • Control Systems: What does a solar controller do? / What about freeze and overheating protection? / How do solar panels affect the conventional heating system? / Is a controller always required?
  • Facts & Figures: How much energy is available from the sun? / What size of solar panel should I have for the size of cylinder I need? / How much will it cost to install? / How much will it cost to run? / How much will it save me?
  • Optimising Use: How do I get the best out of my Solar Hot Water Heating System?

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